Thursday, December 15, 2005

There's No Crying in Kickball

In it's inaugural game of the season, the expansion team "Wine 'em, Dine 'em, Kixty Nine 'em" otherwise cryptically known through out the league as "Team 10", got a lesson served up old school a really old school. In a scene perhaps imagined by the love child of Norman Rockwell and Salvador Dali, the asbestos snowflakes floated down peacefully to the faded gym floor as the opponents points accumulated along with the potential for cancer. From an outsider's perspective it would've made for quite a bizarre little snow globe.

The evening didn't disappoint though, as it produced many positive highlights:

Each mistake we (and by 'we' I mean a good portion of them made by me) made, a new rule was illuminated.

Rookie sensation Katie Carr not only was responsible for both RKI (Runs Kicked In), she was involved in the most innovative maneuver to date. Instead of accepting the inevitability of being pegged by the ball while running to first, Katie chose fight instead of flight and proceeded to tear the ball away from the unsuspecting defender. If only she would have completed the legal play by drop kicking the ball away (who knew?!) it would have make SportsCenter for sure.

A discovery of an ideal watering hole. The Wonderland Ballroom ( is convenient to both the Cordozo High School and my house. The promise of $2 draughts until 11 PM is simply a beautiful thing.

In closing, sports and booze are good.

Thank you. That is all.


Blogger Dan said...

Agreed. It was a tough, close, tight one where they eeked it out in the end. Or, was it the beginning.
Keys to the season:
1. Jerseys. Teams will forever remember us. The Penn tennis ball colored jerseys kept me awake for 3 extra hours last night because I didn't place it properly in the laundry hamper. Blinding our opponent may be the best gameplan ever.
2. Sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses at night is definitely cool by Cory Hart standards and it's okay by Team 10 too. Why? See Number 1. above and see the gyms lights, which by themselves, may also cause radiation. I called my pathologist after I got home last night for fear that I contracted something from the gym.
3. Hustle. And I don't mean hustling to catch a ball, or to run to second stretching out a single. I mean between the flip cup table and the bar. Faster service means faster beer in the belly.

Looking forward to more laughs and nothing less than an "o"-fer season.

5:12 PM


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